Use the Power of Google for Increased Visibility

There are many reasons for wanting Increased Visibility in your social media networks but the most important one is to increase targeted traffic to your website. Increasing your search engine ranking is a good thing but there is so much more you can do to increase targeted traffic.

Search engine optimization is a great way to improve your search engine rankings but how do you do it effectively? One of the biggest mistakes many internet marketers make is not optimizing their sites for local searches. Local SEO is a great way to give your business a boost locally and this can be done by increasing your presence in local directories and search engines. This will not only help you get more hits on your website but also will increase your visibility in local search results.

Google+ Local gives you the option to target local searches. You can use Google Maps to find the nearest Google office or you can do a Google+ Local pull from the Google+ Local page. This will pull a list of local businesses that are listed with Google in their search results. You will then have an opportunity to target your ads to them. The problem with this is that if you are just targeting business in a small town, you may get lucky and get tons of clicks on your ads.

However, Google+ Local should be used to get targeted traffic. If you target the wrong businesses, they will miss the benefits that can come from your ads. For example, if you target the local pizzeria and the pizza shop next door both have the same pizza menu and service then the search results are going to be very similar. You may get a lot of targeted traffic for the pizzeria next door but it is unlikely that you are going to get a lot of targeted traffic for your own pizza shop.

If you think that Google+ Local is not your best choice for SEO then consider signing up for an account with Yelp. Yelp is a popular social networking site that allows you to post reviews about your local business which can drive more targeted traffic to your site.

Yelp offers a simple form that you need to fill out when posting your business information. The form has fields for contact information, business name, location, and description. Yelp takes into consideration the number of reviews the business has received on their site. If a business has had a lot of positive feedback they will show up higher in the listing and you will also receive more clicks on your ads. Once your business is listed on the site, it will show up in the Yellow Pages, which means more exposure to your local customers.

If you are worried about getting clicks from your Google ads, the answer is to get creative. For example, if you are a restaurant then you can promote the business with the Google+ Local page. You can post links to the website and other places where your customers can find you. Also, you can add a picture to the website to advertise the availability of your business on the social networking site.

Internet marketing is never easy and there is no right or wrong way to do it. It takes some work but the results will always be well worth it in the end.

Just remember that you need to post about your local business in as many places as possible. Yelp offers a free search tool to help you find your local business. You can also use Google Maps to search your area. By promoting your business in many places you will get targeted traffic to your website and increase your chances of clicks on your Google AdWords ads.

If you have not already started advertising online for your local business then you should start doing so as soon as possible. Internet marketing is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. If you are serious about making money on the internet you need to start promoting your online business.

When using Google for the creation of your ads, you can choose to have the text appear as a sponsored snippet or as part of Google’s original copy. Either way, you can get highly targeted traffic to your website. Keep in mind though that if you have never promoted your business online before you will likely get a small number of click-throughs but they are likely to be very targeted.